Circa Summer ’02 Pt. 3

On my way home I was able to call my Godmother, who also called Aunt Niecey, who informed my cousin Aisha of what happened. As soon as I walked in the apartment, my Godmother and I left right back out to head down S.W. to Aunt Niecey and Aisha. Issa bout to be a shootout. 

When we pulled up, everybody was so hype, it scared me. They all examined my face saying, “Aww hell no” and “You gotta beat her ass”. So, we were off. On the way, Aisha instructed me to take off my earrings and necklace, in case the man girl tried to be a bitch and snatch at my jewelry. She gave me tips on what to do but I was more angry and upset with Terrence for almost letting the she-man stab me in my face.

We pulled up to his house and Aisha and I got out. I knocked on the door, gently but firm, not wanting to disturb his mother. His sister answered and Aisha and I walked in. “Where is that lil’ bitch at?”, Aisha asked. His sister said she left right after I did and she had no idea where she was. “Where’s Terrence”, I asked. “Around the corner”, she said. Bet. 

We get in the car and pull up on Q Street and there he was. With his ugly self. Well, he was only ugly because I was so mad at him! Everybody jumps out of the car, cursing him. He’s verbally attacked by my aunt, cousin, and Godmother and I am so elated. I sat in the car and listened until Aisha opened the door saying he wanted to talk to me.

You guessed it. He apologized. You guessed it again. I accepted. But I didn’t do it with ease. I let him know how mad and hurt I was. We hugged it out. I was happy again. I wondered what my father would’ve done had he been around for me to run and tell what happened. But he wasn’t, so I couldn’t. 

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  1. Tashika says:

    What we do for love right?

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