Circa Summer ’02 Pt. 2

Things between Terrence and I got deep, quickly. I knew he cheated. I knew he loved me. It just didn’t add up; love and cheating. Terrence was my first boyfriend I had sex with and was in a real relationship with. He tried to protect me from certain things but it didn’t really work out as planned. He got in trouble a lot. Riding with no license, we get pulled over and I walked to 3rd District from Florida Avenue to wait for him to get out.

We did unimaginable things and I enjoyed every bit of it. Well, maybe not everything. Like the time one of his hideous ex-girlfriends walked in on us and tried to break the door down. Terrence thought the shit was funny. Asshole. Once the hideous looking girl manhandled her way in, she immediately wanted to fight me. He managed to push her out of the room, only for her to come back in with a knife. A knife she tried to stab me with. In my face.

Unaware of how the hideous beast got in the room I was furious with him. Why? Because although she didn’t stab the living hell out of me, this beast of a girl scratched my face. And guess what? It bled. Yep. That’s what I thought. How could he have let this happen? Did he think it was funny? Did he not love me after all?

Not sure if he talked to her outside after he pulled her off of me or if the spartan of Satan had a change of heart but she actually came in and apologized. With her manly self. Just ugly. I didn’t accept because I was heated. I called my friend from school, Sophia, and she and her mom came and got me. Little did Terrence know, that was not the last he’d seen of me that night. Or my family. 

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