Not Daddy’s Little Girl Pt. 2

Fred’s grandmother  waved her hand “hello” to me as he continued to lead me through the apartment into the bedroom. Why are we in here? Oh my god. Why. Are. We. In. Here? Making out was fine and dandy but “more” was just too much for me now. He nor anyone else had to know about my past or how I felt about sex but sheesh, we didn’t even talk about it. He tried so hard to get me to get undressed and my simple and direct “no” was not to his liking at all. What seemed like hours of him trying to convince me how great of an idea this was, he quickly grew very angry. He threw stuff. He cursed. He kept walking around like he wanted to hit me. I was so scared to even open my mouth.

Knowing his grandmother couldn’t hear us, I knew he was able to do or say whatever he wanted and not a soul would come to my rescue. But like a switch being turned on on his head, he turned around and said, “Cmon. Imma take your ass home”. Yes sir, master sir! Or at least I was that elated to be leaving. “This boy is crazy”, I kept saying in my head.

I waved goodbye to his grandmother on the way out and she smiled and waved back. So weird. Fred and I get out the door and as he locks it, he tells me to stay there so he can get the car. “Okay”, I say and he goes down the steps but turns and gives me this strange look then continues on. Looking through my bag for my key, I realize it’s been a few minutes. I sit on the steps. Look out of the stairway steps. Sit back down. Nothing. Afraid to leave out of the door because you have to have a key for re entry, I take a chance and go outside to find Fred… Except Fred was gone. Fred had left. Not like “I’ll be back after I go to the store” left. Not like “I’m going to get some cigarettes from the gas station” left. He left me like “Ah bitch! I left you! Should’ve gave me some ass”, type of left. Why would he do this? 

Tears started to fall immediately as I walked towards the gas station, hoping to use a pay phone since my cell phone minutes were all gone. Nothing. No change in my purse and I have no money at all. What just happened? A million thoughts ran through my head but I soon realized, Fred left me because I didn’t want to have sex with him. Really? Sex? Wow. 

I sat there on the stump by the pay phone, wiping tears for almost an hour. Scared was an understatement. I was horrified. I kept crying, hoping he’d come back and it was a very bad joke but he was the only one laughing right about now.

A car shined its lights as they turned into the gas station to park where I was sitting on the stump. I could feel her eyes piercing my way as she walked past. As the lady exited the gas station she hesitated but continued to her car. She backed up and positioned her car next to me. “Are you okay? Did something happen to you?”. I was not eager to talk to a stranger but I was desperate, cold, hungry, and on the verge of losing my mind. “I’m stranded”, I told her. She asked where I stayed and I told her the area. “I live close to Dunbar.” “Get in Baby, I’ll take you. You do not need to be out here alone this late”. As soon as I got in, I said a quick prayer that I’d make it home in one piece. This is really my life…

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