First Mistake Pt. 2

I wasn’t excited anymore. Not about being back. My family excited me when I got to spend time with them. My god sister Niki would come over when my sister and the kids came to visit; I loved seeing them together. We all grew up as one big family and it was always good to be around them since they were my big sisters, to say the least.

While the summer was coming to a close  and my mother had showed me off to every single person she knew as her “Baby that came back home”, I now had to choose a school to go to. My mother asked if wanted to go the easy route and go to the biggest school in the neighborhood which was literally less than 100 yards away, Dunbar Senior High School. No ma’am. My mother didn’t understand. I was a country girl and while I did go to one of the biggest schools in town, I had known those kids since elementary school and I did not want to start over in a huge school with not a lot of people to call a friend.

I did some research and found out about charter schools. They seemed better than public schools and had smaller teacher to student ratios which meant, smaller classes with much fewer people. Being as it may, I was a lazy born again city girl that did not want to catch a bus or ride the train to get to school so I found a charter school right near my house; A.R.E. Public Charter High School. Little did I know, this school was generally for those who were either in the system or had gotten kicked out of others schools so this was like a last resort type of school for most.

Lucky me. Choosing a school full of mostly kids who were deemed troublemakers. Just great, Angela. Just. Great. 

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